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All Hands In

One Team, One Goal:          EMD Consortia

Collaborating for a Stronger Future: How EMD Consortia United Its Business into One and Achieved Success Together.


E- Empowerment

M- Mentorship

D- Development 

Consortia- Together as one

Our Story

EMD Consortia is a distinguished and esteemed business consulting firm, established in 2022 with its headquarters located in Chattanooga, TN. The company was co-founded by five exceptional individuals: Donzella D. Taylor, Na'eem Craft, Catherine Williams, Johnathan Bragg, and Balus Bumpass. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds in consulting, these visionary founders united their expertise to create a comprehensive and tailor-made solution, catering to the specific needs of underrepresented entrepreneurs and business owners.

At EMD Consortia, their mission extends beyond the conventional scope of services. They are driven by a profound desire to empower and uplift aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with invaluable insights and support throughout their journey. From corporate formation to business taxes, funding options, trademarking, business contracts, and more, EMD Consortia offers a wide array of essential services, all conveniently accessible under one roof.

Through unwavering commitment and relentless efforts, EMD Consortia has solidified its position as a prominent player in the business consulting industry. The founders' shared passion for supporting entrepreneurs is evident in the company's unwavering dedication to providing expert guidance and comprehensive business services.

At the heart of their ethos lies a deep commitment to promoting equal opportunities and support for all entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds. This core value has distinguished EMD Consortia as a trusted and respected name, celebrated for its positive impact on numerous businesses, fostering their growth and prosperity.

Remaining true to their founding principles, the team at EMD Consortia continues to steadfastly empower and support entrepreneurs on their path to success. Their exceptional dedication serves as a profound inspiration to others, demonstrating that with unwavering passion and perseverance, any ambitious vision can be transformed into reality. EMD Consortia stands as a beacon of hope and guidance, providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

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