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Do you have a domain name?
If you responded with "No" or "Unsure," would you like EMD Consortia to provide assistance in creating a domain name for your business? Please indicate your preference in the designated field below.
Are you interested in building a new website or redesigning an existing one? Please select the option that applies to you from the choices below.
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During the purpose and goals session, we dive deep into understanding the core mission and objectives of your company. By uncovering your company's purpose and goals, we gain valuable insights that shape the direction and focus of your website. This session allows us to create a website that effectively communicates your brand message, engages your target audience, and helps you achieve your business aspirations. Your active participation in this session ensures that your website becomes a powerful tool in driving your company's success.


Your input on the services you provide is essential for us to create your website effectively. By understanding the details of your services, we can tailor the design and content to showcase your expertise and attract your target audience. Your active participation in the services session ensures that we accurately represent your brand and create a compelling website.


During the inspiration session, we aim to gather valuable insights and ideas to fuel the creative process. We invite you to share your thoughts, preferences, and inspirations, allowing us to understand your vision better. By collaborating closely with you, we can align our creative direction and tailor our services to meet your expectations effectively. Your input and inspiration will be instrumental in shaping the design and overall concept of your website.


Design and branding are crucial for creating a positive first impression, establishing a distinct brand identity, and enhancing the user experience on your website.


Effective website content is essential for communicating your brand message, engaging visitors, and driving conversions.

What Features Does Your Website Need to Be Successful?


When it comes to website pages, the specific pages you will need will depend on the nature of your business and your goals for the website. Please choose as many as you'd like below.


Engaging headline or tagline that captures attention. A concise introduction to your business and its unique value proposition. A clear navigation menu to help visitors explore other pages. Call-to-action buttons to encourage desired actions. Featured products, services, or special offers.


About Us:

Company history, mission statement, and core values. Information about your team and key personnel. Highlights of your expertise, experience, or achievements. Testimonials or success stories to build trust.


Comprehensive descriptions and specifications of your offerings. Pricing details or packages, if applicable. High-quality images or videos showcasing your products or services. Call-to-action buttons for making a purchase

or inquiry.


Contact information, including phone number, email address, and physical address. Contact form for visitors to submit inquiries or messages. Social media links for further engagement. Map or directions to your location, if applicable.


Showcasing your previous work or projects with images or case studies. Client testimonials or reviews for added credibility. Descriptions of each project and the solutions provided.

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