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Johnathan Bragg



Johnathan Bragg is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at EMD Consortia, Inc, a business consulting company that specializes in helping small businesses. With over a decade of marketing experience for several small companies, Johnathan is a small business specialist who networks with LegalShield to provide affordable legal plans for individuals, families, and businesses. He is also an expert in selling life, health, property, and casualty insurance plans.


Johnathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has over a decade of customer service experience in the call center industry. He is committed to excellence and offers a plethora of knowledge and resources to his clients. As the first person to enter a mentorship program with HomeServe, Johnathan has developed a wealth of leadership skills that he can offer to help others increase their professional skill set.


Recently, Johnathan was interviewed by Lisa Bannon in the Wall Street Journal regarding AI and its impact on the business world. He is known for his expertise as a subject matter expert in implementing training modules for customer service representatives. Johnathan also provides mentorship training to other agents on how to land a sale in a matter of minutes, using his leadership skills to inspire and motivate others.


There are few people in the world who dedicate themselves to achieving such heights, and Johnathan is one of those people. His passion for small business, marketing, and leadership is evident in everything he does. His dedication to excellence and his ability to help others achieve success make him a valuable member of the EMD Consortia team.

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