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What is a la carte services?

In a general sense, "à la carte" typically implies that customers can select and pay for specific services or features rather than opting for a bundled or all-inclusive package. It provides flexibility and customization options to customers, enabling them to tailor their experience or select the services that best suit their needs.

a la carte services

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Individual Services 

  • Trust Indenture: $125

  • Articles of Inc./organizations: $75 per document

  • Amendment to any business documents or contracts: $45

  • Trust Special meeting documentation: $25/hour

  • Business credit tradelines accounts: $20 per account

  • Shares certificate: $20/per member

  • Service contract: $75

  • Operating Agreement: $75

  • Option Agreement: $75

  • Business plan: full version $350

  • Business plan outline: $100

  •  Duns & Bradstreet account: $75

  • 411 listing:  $45

  • Copies of any documents after the original: $5/per document

  • Virtual Address: $145 for the first 3 months, after the third month, fee will be paid by client on a month to month plan.  

We offer the following convenient payment options: PayPal, bank transfers, money orders, cashiers check, credit/debit cards.


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