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What is a la carte services?

In a general sense, "à la carte" typically implies that customers can select and pay for specific services or features rather than opting for a bundled or all-inclusive package. It provides flexibility and customization options to customers, enabling them to tailor their experience or select the services that best suit their needs.

a la carte services

Camera Lens

One-time fee or Monthly Services

  • Ad Creatives - $50.00/Bundle of 3: $100.00

  • Script Writing - $50.00/Bundle of 3: $100.00

  • Market Planning - $50.00 per hour

  • Digital or Terrestrial Radio Ad Campaign - Starting at $400.00

  • Billboard Advertising - Starting at $300.00

  • Public Relations Campaign - Prices Vary

We offer the following convenient payment options: PayPal, bank transfers, money orders, cashiers check, credit/debit cards.


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